The art I create is very personal to me. While I do ‘studies’, the piecess I want people to see are those close to my heart, those that reflect some part of me. My current focus is dimensional abstraction. On my Twitter page I state that I am an ‘Abstract painter exploring the intersection of emotion, mind and gestural abstraction’. This is very true, most of my paintings are like a third arm or other extension. But this also extends to my newest artistic endeavor into wood sculpture.

When I paint, I paint on unstretched canvas that is not intended to be stretched. In fact, I do whatever I can do to ensure it will not be stretched. My intention is that my paintings hang close to the wall similar to a tapestry. To accomplish this, I have created a hanging mechanism to hang my paintings that allow my paintings to be free of the conventional. They are not meant to be overshadowed by stretcher bars; they are not meant to take up that type of space; they are simply meant to be and to be enjoyed. This is different with the sculptures because the very purpose is to have a certain level of dimensional abstraction. Please read my blog about the new direction I am taking with my art.

As far as materials, I use the highest quality materials available and necessary. This includes the canvas or wood, the paints and the medium. I pay attention to all aspects and am bent on using the right paints and mediums to achieve the effects I am looking for in my work. I believe that each component is an important element that has equal importance to the whole. It’s not simply about the final piece, but about the care I take in choosing and treating the material.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the paintings I create.