I am an artist currently living in Seattle, Washington, although my heart is near the beach in California. My style of art is abstract and I base the work that I do primarily on a strong desire to see the characteristics of the materials I use shine through whether it is the paint, the painting tool or my own movement and interaction with the tools in the painting process. If I am working with wood, this desire is particularly important.

Art for me has been part of a long journey trying to recapture a long lost part of who I am. Having finished my Ph.D. in 2009 and struggling to find satisfying and challenging employment, I returned to art after having abandoned it in order to heal from the stress and sadness experienced from the constant rejection during my job search. What I found is that I still have an artistic voice trying desperately to get out; that I have an emotional connection to the pieces I create; that I am teeming with excitement in the prospect of creating.

When I first began experimenting in art again, I was just looking for some stress relief and was having a bit of fun with ‘poured paintings’. Things changed, though, when I learned of the death of a good and dear friend. It was the third major loss in as many years and my art changed from ‘playing’ to an emotional outlet. This comes through in how I paint, the colors (or lack of vibrant colors) I choose and even the materials I choose. If I can’t feel what I am creating on some level, I believe that lack of emotion shows in the piece, or at least I see this in my works. This may change in the future, but for now this is how I create and the expectation I have in my creativity. Each piece represents a little (or a big) piece of me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Feel free to browse my selective portfolio and ask questions or send me comments. I love hearing people’s feedback. And if there is a piece you are interested in purchasing, please reach out to me.